Webinars for Career Development

Concord Webinars


Webinar Topics






Interviewing Techniques and Resume Writing

·         Preparing a powerful resume

·         Overcoming objections



Work/Life and Parenting Balance

·         Balancing work and life

·         Positive parenting while working

·         Time mastery



Networking Skills and Tools

·         Social networking

·         Business Networking



Improving Confidence, Body Image and Self Esteem

·         Increasing self-esteem

·         Calming your inner critic



How to Launch a Small Business

·         What you need to do to successfully launch your own business

·         How to write a powerful business plan



The New World of Work

·         Technology, and what you need to know to properly compete

·         The new global economy and what it means to you locally

·         Salary expectations


Mastering Change



Public Speaking




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This schedule is now being constructed.  Multiple workshops will be offered at our Philadelphia location throughout the week.

Advance Registration will be required.

Future Webinar dates will be posted here