Concord Seminar Series

 Career Options Seminar

 The World of Work is changing rapidly!
Now might be the time to explore alternative industries, and evaluate which areas or occupations make most sense for your personal strengths and talents.
Concord Seminar Series provides a logical, strategic and optimistic launching pad.


With a commitment and a clear strategy to succeed, you have the power to make the next phase of your career the most fulfilling time of your life.

 Through an innovative an exciting combination of seminars and workshops, Concord Management Group offers a three part series of career exploration

Explore, Prepare and Perfect.



Explore your  true passions, evaluate potential options,  and determine which areas and industries make most sense for you and your personality.

Whether you are re-entering, re-directing or re-inventing,  the Concord Seminar Series journey begins with a thorough exploration of individual personality traits, strengths and passions. Understanding your own purpose and vision will assist in the determination of which career choices make most sense for you as an individual.

4 hour long seminar will include the following important topics:

Linking “Who you are” to Career Exploration

  • Identify core values, personality type and talents
  • Learn to investigate which career choices make  most sense for you as an individual
  • Gain clarity on ideal workplace  

How do I get started?

  • Learn how understanding  your "temperament  and vision" improves  clarity of career choices
  • Begin developing an action plan
  • Review resources on how to “launch a job search” 


Each participant will leave with a customized "strategic plan", individual personality results, and professional workbooks that will be useful as you move forward toward your goals.



Prepare  and plan the process.  Based on your needs and interests, the second stage of exploration  includes a variety of interactive workshops to help you reach your goals.


  • Resume Writing and Interviewing Techniques 
  • Identifying and Quantifying Transferable Skills
  • Work/Life and Parenting Balance
  • Social and Business Networking
  • Entrepreneural Career Choices
  • Mastering Change
  • Time Management
  • Building Self Esteem and Positive Body Image
  • Calming your Inner Critic



Perfect your presentation….put on the finishing touches, and prepare for action! You will work with the best in the industry as you make your final preparations to seek new opportunities. 

  • Identifying  target lists of opportunities,  and learning  effective tools to get to key decision makers
  • Perfecting the “Package”
  • Resume writing and interviewing techniques
  • Create compelling accomplishment stories
  • Craft a meaningful professional biography
  • Learn to answer the toughest interview questions
  • Write a Powerful Business Plan and learn all you need to know to start a business
  • Work/Life and Parenting Balance

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This schedule is now being constructed.  Multiple workshops will be offered at our Philadelphia location throughout the week.

Advance Registration will be required.

Future Webinar dates will be posted here